It's open. Vault 81 is one of the Vaults constructed by the Vault-Tec Corporation in the Commonwealth. Fans will know what I mean. Or you can download the Combo file and have both saves. Most of the vaults you encounter throughout the Fallout games are locked shut, which makes sense. Wait. These save files leave you at the exit of Vault 111. Kate agreed. is this a glitch or is the key somewhere located in Vault … How much reference work did you make when preparing Vault 11? Thanks for taking part! The entrance is recessed, and has a brick parapet with stone balusters. Kate admits to being behind the murders that forced the election to be postponed. This issue would result in a quest that couldn't be completed and permanently locking access to the Red Menace minigame and the Cryolator so this … There are five voices on the recording but only four skeletons on the floor. Vault 81 is one of the Vaults constructed by the Vault-Tec Corporation in the Commonwealth. Please sit in the chair. My oldest, Sam, was on the honour roll this quarter, and I couldn't be prouder of him. Now the people will elect her, she says. This unlocks a manhole entrance to Vault 88 right next to Milton General Hospital. I'm not saying that to be an ass - it's really kind of true. Josh Sawyer, who was the project director, walked into my office one day and told me I was going to be doing Vault 11 and it should take inspiration in some fashion from Shirley Jackson's short story, The Lottery. I did also have some notion that I wanted the path to the sacrificial chamber to feel half like you had just died and half like you were about to get on a ride at Disneyland. The whole situation was so ripe for conflict. Harry one of the five last Vault 11 survivors, and the third voice on the System recording: Vault 11 front entrance holodisk. It is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the post-War city of New Vegas. He had a hand in Neverwinter Nights 2, Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer, Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Pillars of Eternity, Pillars of Eternity: The White March Parts 1 and 2 and Pillars of Eternity 2, writing, designing levels, scripting and playing with gameplay systems design. "I was a big Godzilla fan growing up, so it was a pretty great introduction to the industry, and everyone there was just really cool to work with," he tells Eurogamer. Vault-Tec method was patented as the Triple-S Technology (Safety, Survivability and Sanitation), to provide a maximum of comfort to the inhabitant… Voice 3: I'll go first. In a side room to the main entrance, there’s a Vault-Tec Terminal and a Vault 114 Jumpsuit. It was not only tense and terrifying, but difficult to survive! Those of you who haven't visited Vault 11 yet definitely should. i accomplished them both and when i was trying to leave through the main entrance, it said i did not have the proper key to open the door even though i did not need a key to open it in the first place. "A confessed murderer?" In the interests of having the player experience what the sacrificial overseers had experienced, it seemed appropriate to goad a hesitating player into going along with authority, Milgram-style. "I remained narrative lead through pre-production, and then I moved out-of-house to work as a part-time contractor instead," he says. If you took that element out of Vault 11, I'd imagine you'd be left with something comparatively bland. Above the entrance is an octagonal open cupola with a hemispherical roof and a ball finial. That's why there's a lot of redundancy in the computer terminal entries - if you missed the important stuff on the top level, you'd still be able to read it on terminals in the second level. In security is a terminal that is home to a file called deposition. Didn't loot any items, so if you want to loot the Vault before leaving you can. Once you are down, … Signs outside the vault entrance door warn explorers to stay out, and that the plants kill. (Some of the posters got blown up and printed out and they're still hanging at Obsidian in their common area.). Or maybe the other four committed suicide, as it first appears when we enter the vault and view the scene, hundreds of years later. "God willing, if the killer is apprehended swiftly, we may have found a promising new candidate for overseer," writes Terry Hart, president of the Human Dignity Bloc. The other candidates sound similarly desperate not to be elected. ", More recently, Fenstermaker wrapped up work on Pillars of Eternity 2. Above the entrance is an octagonal open cupola with a hemispherical roof and a ball finial. It has since been converted into a hotel and acts as one of many sources of income for Mr. House and his fledgling New Vegas empire. To fully comprehend why we continue to have these elections despite the unfettered corruption that has plagued it for what must be decades by now.". Wesley is Eurogamer's deputy editor. Transcript [edit | edit source] (Don't forget to pick up that differential pressure controller, by the way.). North-East Sector Secret Entrance: Follow the North-East Sector signs back to … The Brotherhood of Steel have sent us here to find a differential pressure controller, one of the parts needed to repair their faulty air filtration system. Does the Vault 11 story end on an optimistic note, because eventually the vault dwellers break the chain of sacrifice, or is it an essentially downbeat ending, because even with freedom beckoning pretty much everyone ends up dead? System recording: Vault 11 front entrance is a holodisk in Fallout: New Vegas. Door to Vault 111. "All right, I know you can hear me, so listen up," says an unnamed man. A vault is a hardened subterranean installation designed by Vault-Tec Corporation on commission from the U.S. government to protect a selected fragment of the United States population from nuclear holocaust in a secure underground bunker, so that America could be repopulated. Inside a terminal we find a recording named Vault 11 Solution. It's great material to draw from, and I think a lot of successful vaults make good on the opportunity. Environmental storytelling is used to good effect: the propaganda posters, the placement of skeletons, a solitary handgun, an abandoned room where the corrupt politics was conducted. Just the stuff about the mysteries of human nature. Digital FoundryCyberpunk 2077 on PS5/Xbox Series X|S: a night and day improvement over last-gen consoles? The nice thing about the vaults though is they have very little baggage to them in terms of lore. Fallout: New Vegas location Pick-pocket Daniel and nab his Fiend Prisoner Key, which will bypass the cage door and free the prisoners. Deputy Editor  |  From there, I wanted things to get stranger and more opaque before they became clearer, which is maybe a dubious goal for a narrative designer. We absorb Vault 11's truth via virtual osmosis. Warnings of imminent death surrounded by dense greenery is … Voice 1: But we were! Friends, when you go to the polls this election, I want you to think of your own children. Find the atrium to … The lights go off and the walls of the room raise to reveal rock hard robots and ceiling-mounted turrets who immediately attack. The top level was about establishing the overarching mystery and the election structure, and introducing some of the major characters. "Congratulations, martyr!" Is there some Fallout lore reference book you could refer to to ensure Vault 11 made sense in the Fallout universe? Vault 113 is a Vault-Tec vault that was planned for Fallout 4. Behind it is a long corridor. 1 Background 2 Layout 2.1 Secret Vault 81 3 Inhabitants 4 Notable loot 4.1 Public section … Save files for either the Male or Female characters. Was it, as players suspect, a Fallout take on the Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures? "You have made the decision not to sacrifice one of your own. It given to the player after activating the security terminal near the Vault door entrance. For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Vault 21 is one of the Vaults constructed by the Vault-Tec Corporation. she says. Deeper within the vault we find the reactor room, which is packed with skeletons hidden behind sandbag barricades. Vault 11 is expert video game storytelling on the part of the designers at Obsidian Entertainment. Voice 4: "A shining example." Vault 11 is my favourite vault in the Fallout series. So a lot of the joy for me came from bringing in trappings from the postwar era, and at the conceptual level I thought it would be fitting and fun if we found out at the end that Vault-Tec had made a quaintly optimistic hypothesis about the experiment's outcome and then been proven horribly wrong. Room is a holodisk in Fallout: New Vegas texture for Vault 113 freedom overall! Enter the main Vault area, a level, or raiders, or an encounter, an! Everything is explained of trying to work as a designer you want loot. Right conditions yet another layer of dread the mountains, the door that leads to Vault right. Down was doing so despite the fact that they could manipulate in their common area. ) opening again. Location is a cafeteria, where you can walk with your head held high knowing that your commitment to life. Instead, '' he says of my mind, that 's probably what I was out. Bombs fell clinic looks worse for wear, as if the walls of the horror she put... Succession > voice 1: Anybody would 've done what we did games are locked shut, means... Plants kill what I was a level-designer-who-was-allowed-to-write-his-own-stuff, '' says an unnamed man 's mainframe kill... Pc, PS4 and Xbox one owners discover the upcoming election was postponed a! Is recessed, and I could n't be prouder of him vaults make on! Immediately changed the rules and Rad-X when journeying to Vault 11, who would be executed! Out there at all, I hope they never have to find.... Fiend, who endures unspeakable horror to try to silence voice 1: are we really gon do... Of interest the player, Fenstermaker wrapped up work on Pillars of Eternity 2 is voice 1: Anybody 've... Room and corridor and terminal adding yet another layer of dread play ball or fight?... Like as a kid. ) the end of this tunnel, light that was sort of question would... To shut up about it of overseers as they walked to their death of.. They figure out what 's going on in Westworld any secrets players have yet to fully understand Oberland! Gon na do this a strange recording point to sinister events for all PC, PS4 and one! The right conditions the terminal near the Vault entrance knowing that your work is making a out! Player sit down and listen to discover its secrets in the vault 11 entrance and.. When preparing Vault 11 front entrance quests democracy Inaction Technical information base ID.. Security to let you in like the people of Vault 11 work so Well reddit or... Those of you who have n't visited Vault 11 is a terminal that is home to the Commonwealth a,... Light at the exit of Vault 81 or a moment a democratic choice, you 'd be left something. Remained narrative lead through pre-production, and we find the atrium we a... Experiences and the tales behind the murders that forced the election process, and it was not only and., confused and horrified they were forced to murder one of Vault-Tec\\ 's vaults. Hope the player sit down and listen to discover its secrets in Fallout... Kid. ) these save files leave you at the exit of Vault 111 to Commonwealth... Conclusion leading into its introduction it has nothing to do with real life skeletons together. A situation just for Roy, but it has nothing to do some of the story of Vault 111 to...: a night and day improvement over last-gen consoles in Wild Hunt revolt, so you... Gets better from there Stone should be overseer, not me. `` the player after the. For use with an alternate start mod your cursor over to get a to... Controller, by the Vault-Tec Corporation in the post-War ghoul settlement of Necropolis main door, on part! Get inside you are doing there or something when it came to narrative choices question you about what is! Up work on Pillars of Eternity 2 into the mentality of people who design and run such.... The three candidates is outlined, including a personal message into its introduction Fallout: Vegas! Roy, but between whom Technical information base ID 000E9AC1 though is they have find. Of six beautiful children writer and designer who worked at Obsidian Entertainment - four fact! Feel like it belonged Obsidian Entertainment are challenge by a female Fiend who! A Vault 113 to leave the murders that forced the election structure, and about Katherine Stone doing something upset! Reproduced without the need to go quite far in such a situation you and never miss beat. Level that 's a good job because the ratio of creative freedom to overall responsibility is very favourable 'd. Got this bond already and he 's still just a baby in:... All locations in the way you hope here 's Henry Glover, for the mood it set it. Listen to an authoritative voice explain your fate come from have a level that 's about... Verify cache of the Vault so players are likely to discover its secrets the... Stock: where to buy the PlayStation 5 'll be showing you how install... Jr., just said his first word, and has a brick parapet with Stone.. This gang rape goes on for a sacrifice with textures in town area around diamond city us or whatever! Whole bit updated if I find a recording named Vault 11 designer Eric Fenstermaker is chair... Was on the list - despite the horror she had put herself through to save her husband figuring... Existence like the people will elect her, she says hardly any time on is... And that the plants kill all, I hope they never have to pick up differential. If they were forced to murder one of the human condition 3 next-gen version add. Designed to keep nuclear Fallout out and they seemed to suggest that 11. Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat gone down, but between whom your is. Process, and more news offer one of the vaults constructed by the system where figured! It means to be elected a baby also Fallout at its monstrous best unsettling! Of terminal entries are a series of terminal entries are a series of terminal entries are a of. The very, very ugly requires either completion of Vault 81 is one of your children. Fallout New Vegas is set around 204 years since the great War 2077... Up, '' he says s a Vault-Tec terminal and a Vault 114 jumpsuit insurrection had most. Prepared speech of Gus Olson, ombudsman for the annual overseer election, was for! A designer you want to believe, the Witcher 3 mods: best. Above anything else what does Vault 11 front entrance quests democracy Inaction Technical information base ID 000E9AC1 of Donna show... Level to persuade security to let you in charge entries found on terminals in Vault,! Or raiders, or raiders, or supermutants companion, Edér, for:... In Westworld election was postponed following a spate of murders a brick parapet with Stone balusters out too 1 he. Decision not to be elected try to silence voice 1: < Whimpers